Sunday Worship - Drama

"A lonely septuagenarian struggles to conceal his ailing health from his doting wife, finding solace watching a local football team, his levels of fandom start to border on obsession."


Cell - Sci-Fi

"A Prisoner of war awakens in a Nazi prison cell to discover he's the unwitting test subject in a cruel psychological experiment where all is not as it seems."


A Girl and Her Gun - Drama

"A tormented and neglected twelve year old finds solace watching classic western movies. When she finds a gun in her late father's belongings she stands up to her tormentors, just like her gunslinging heroes."


Porphyrophobia - Drama

"A rare celestial event has an extraordinary impact on a stir crazy mother and her peculiar, phobic adult son."


Alderwood Plain - Drama

"After a botched job, a criminal on the run must hide his loot with the help of his girlfriend whilst a face-off with an angry mob boss looms closer"

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