'Shunk Films' is a Bristol-based indie 'production company' made up of writing-directing cousins Paul Holbrook and Sam Dawe. Both avid movie lovers, in 2010, they took their love of the medium to the next logical step and jumped into the world of spec-screenwriting. A couple screenwriting courses later and they were both hooked.

After three successful years of honing their craft writing speculative feature-length screenplays and TV serials that have made headway in international screenwriting competitions (Page, Shore, Screencraft) - both as a partnership and on solo projects - they decided it was high time they moved into self-production. They set about writing their debut short film, 'Porphyrophobia' - a surreal comedy-drama about a troubled young man with a stange phobia and his pandering mother.

With Porphyrophobia done and dusted towards the end of 2013 and with their overdrafts thoroughly pillaged, they focused their efforts on writing a series of shorter, more broadly comedic shorts entitled, 'The Wrinklefist Files' which were released online throughout 2014 and screened at several film festivals worldwide picking up plenty of awards along the way.

2015 saw the duo jump back into narrative storytelling with the ambitious ‘A Girl and Her Gun’ which was very well recieved and screened at prestigious film festivals around the world including bafta-qualifying Aesthetica Film Festival and London Short Film Festival.

The duo then released further comedy shorts throughout 2016 including including ‘Lie Hard’, ‘The Barry Gibb’, ‘Ectoplasm’ and 'Daddy Cool' further strengthening their growing portfolio and audience reach. They were also selected for the Creative England Talent Module 2016 and reached the final stage of iShorts and BBC Writersroom.

2017 sees them take on even bigger challenges with bold short films 'Sunday Worship' and 'Cell' due for release. Whilst they continue working on an ever growing screenwriting portfolio and with a packed roster of projects to adapt ahead of them, they continue to seek out new avenues in which to tell diverse, colourful stories with the ultimate aim being to eventually write and direct their first feature film.


We realised early on through our brief involvement in our chosen industry that there was a wealth of 'low-budget filmmakers' all talking about what projects they were going to write, going to produce but, of that number, very few actually backed up their claims and did the hard work necessary to put a quality project together. We wanted to be different.

We pride ourselves as a filmmaking partnership on productivity. We do what we say we'll do. We set clear goals and we commit to making the projects we set out to - come rain or shine (usually rain). We take a great deal of care producing micro-budget work we’re passionate about to a high standard that we're proud of.

The outstanding aim of Shunk Films is to entertain and effect our audience; whether that be telling colourful and engaging stories, creating interesting and detailed characters or simply making people laugh. We deliver on our promise to work hard in our chosen industry and will eventually move on to feature films.

As a partnership we are always in 'pre-production' and have lots of exciting projects on the horizon, all of which we look forward to sharing with you as each project progresses from script to screen.

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