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ISO 11 - Contained Horror. 'The Thing' meets 'Hunger'.


Four violent prisoners detained and abandoned in isolation must fight to survive when the world outside of their prison walls falls into apocolyptic chaos.


PIG - Crime Romance. 'Layer Cake' meets 'Notting Hill'


A tough, old-skool copper goes undercover to bring down gangster #1. The case hits a snag when she falls in love with her mark whilst London's underworld prepare for battle around them.


DOGBITE - Grindhouse-inspired Modern Western. 'Desperado' meets 'Rambo'


Hoping for a fresh start, a biker with a violent past moves his family to New Mexico. When their paths cross with a sadistic local, all hell breaks loose leading him down a familiar path of violence and retribution.


SWITCHING SIDES - Sporting comedy. 'Meet The Parents' meets 'When Saturday Comes'.


The only straight player on an all-gay football team is engaged to the daughter of a disapproving, homophobic dinosaur. With his team aiming for the final, he struggles for his father-in-law’s blessing, who just so happens to also be the league’s top referee.




GWENTBOYS - 6-part serialised comedy. 'The Office' meets 'Pheonix Nights'.


A dillusional nightclub owner attempts to reform and reintroduce the semi-successful 90's boyband 'Xcite', the only problem is they weren't that good the first time around.




BEAST - Adventure-Drama. 'The Goonies' meets 'Room For Romeo Brass'


Three pre-teens venture into the wilderness that overlooks thier council estate to search for a lost dog whilst a story of an escaped panther prowling the woods strikes fear into the group.


MAMBA - Cronenberg-esque body Horror. 'Raging Bull' meets 'The Fly'.


An ageing journeyman boxer obsessed with winning takes a performance-enhancing drug which causes terrifying changes to his mind and body.


MYSTERIOUS WAYS - Vigilante drama. 'Blue Ruin' meets 'This is England'.


A grieving mother seeks violent revenge on her son's killer but struggles to find the strength to see it through. She seeks guidance from a racially abused local vicar who is also a man on the egde.


TOKYO NIGHT DRIVE - Stylish Drama. 'Drive' meets 'Lolita'.


A lonely, middle-aged english teacher working in Japan becomes infatuated with one of his pupils, leading to escalating acts of violence climaxing in a shoot out on the Tokyo expressway.


NIGHTBIRD - Adventure Horror. 'Let The Right One In' meets 'The Babadook'.


Children are going missing at an alarming rate. Abandoned by her neglectful mother, a plucky and resourceful thirteen year old must protect her younger sister from 'The Gray Man' who lurks ever closer to their home.


TANYA - Dark Romance. 'Kes' meets 'Blue Velvet'


An isolated teenage boy meets his true love on an abandoned allotment but unfortunatley for him, she's ten years older...and has been dead for three days.



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